Domestic and commercial tree and stump removal Melbourne

Stumps and Trees are experts in tree and stump removal throughout Melbourne. We have extensive experience in the safe cutting down and removal of all kinds of trees and palms. Our experienced team are on hand to provide helpful advice, and are more than happy to discuss with you the different options available for your tree and stump removal. For a competitive quote on stump and tree removal in Melbourne, call the friendly team at Stumps and Trees today on 0407 860 223.

Tree removal for all kinds of trees

Homes and businesses require tree removal for a multitude of reasons. These can include removing a tree because it has rotting wood with termites or fungi, is dying, or may be completely dead. Quite often trees are removed because the tree is a wrong spot, it’s in the way of a new development, or the tree growth is causing damage to existing structures, buildings, utilities, or paved areas. You may also organise tree removal if the branches are a safety hazard. Talk to us today about your particular tree removal needs.

Complete the job with stump removal

Not only can Stumps and Trees take care of all your tree cutting needs, we can organise your stump removal too. Stump removal will complete the whole job, allowing you to utilise the space however you wish. No matter the size of the stump, we can remove any shape or size with our heavy duty stump grinders.

Dedicated tree and stump removal

No matter your reason for tree and stump removal, Stumps and Trees has all the expertise you need to remove all types of trees including large, complex, and dangerous trees safely. We use specialised tree removal and stump removal equipment that will ensure your tree or stump is removed safely, with nil damage to your property or surroundings. A tight spot? Not a problem, we have equipment that can take care of any job, no matter how difficult.

Stumps and Trees can take care of all your tree concerns. To discuss your tree and stump removal, contact us directly on 0407 860 223.

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