Tree Pruning Melbourne

Tree pruning and tree trimming services in Melbourne

Keep your garden under control with our range of tree pruning and tree trimming services. Tree trimming and pruning can cause more problems to your plants and trees if not performed by professionals. If performed correctly, trimming and tree pruning will clear your hazards, as well as improving the overall structure and health of your trees. At Stumps and Trees we use a variety of techniques to ensure that your pruning and trimming is completed to the highest possible standard.

Why you need tree pruning

Tree pruning is important for improving and investing in the structure and health of your trees and bushes. By pruning your trees you will help to:

  • Remove any dead wood or damaged branches to improve the health and life
  • Increase the light penetration, airflow, and views of your area
  • Keep branches clear from buildings, electrical wires, and footpaths
  • Reduce heavy limbs from the tree that could potentially cause damage
  • Reduce the leaf litter in pools and gutters

When just a little tree trimming is needed

You might think you only need tree pruning for big jobs, however, Stumps and Trees can make minor aesthetic changes to your trees, shrubs, and hedges with our tree trimming services in Melbourne. A quick, professional tree trimming will help you to take back control over your garden, making your plants look neater, and drastically improving the overall appearance.

Tips for tree pruning and trimming

Gardens actually benefit from some sort of regular tree trimming and maintenance. The professionals here at Stumps and Trees recommend that you should prune your dead, damaged, and diseased branches as soon as possible. General tree pruning should take place in late winter or early spring, or when your fruit tree has finished fruiting. Pruning at this time of year will help to promote growth, with the harder a tree is pruned in winter, the better it will grow in the springtime. Other spring blooming trees, shrubs and plants will start to grow new buds as soon as the old buds have fallen off, so these need to be trimmed just after flowering. If you prune fruit, ornamental, flowering trees in summer, this will only hamper growth resulting in less flowers and fruits.

Confused about when it’s best to prune in your garden? You can organise our team of experts here at Stumps and Trees to take care of all your tree pruning and tree trimming all year round for you, simply phone 0407 860 223 today.

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