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Stump Grinding in Melbourne

Qualified arborists with 33 years of experience

In Melbourne, a beautiful outdoor space is a treasure, but tree stumps can disrupt its charm, limit the use of your land and put your property at risk of termite infestation.

That's where our stump removal service comes in, to restore the beauty of your outdoor space, make it safer and more functional.

What We Can Help With

Aesthetic Restoration

Unsightly stumps can reduce the visual appeal of your property. Our professional stump grinding service is designed to erase these blemishes, allowing you to reclaim the elegance of your outdoor space.

Property Protection

Beyond the cosmetic concern, tree stumps can become a haven for termites, putting your property at risk. Our team will make sure to eliminate them, safeguarding your home and its surroundings.

Create New Space

If you have plans for your outdoor area, like building a new structure or planting a garden, you may need the space used by your stump(s). We will help you reclaim that precious space for your creative projects.

Tree Experts You Can Rely On

Our client base ranges from Body Corporate Offices, Builders and Landscape Architects to domestic and commercial property owners in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Providing exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship every time, we’ve earned plenty of happy client referrals.

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What Our Clients Say

Very competitive pricing


"Highly recommending the guys at Stumps and Trees... they have been professional from the beginning including very, very competitive pricing and quote. They completed a tremendous task of taking two massive trees and 5 other smaller trees and stumps removed within 6hrs. They certainly planned it well and executed accordingly. On top of that, the boys cleaned up the yard pretty well, as best as you can expect after such a messy undertaking. Anyhow, cannot speak highly enough 👍👍👍"

Fantastic job


"Hired a well known company to remove some trees in the way of new paving - they left large stumps and said they could not get the stump remover into my back yard to finish the job properly! Called Stumps and Trees after friend recommended them and they did a fantastic job clearing the area properly. Would not hesitate to recommend them."

Extremely professional and polite

Kevin - Narre Warren North Primary School

"Stumps and Trees dealt with a challenging school site and cleaned up after they had finished. Will use them again for future works at the school. Highly recommended."

Highly recommend


"Punctual, knowledgeable, professional. Perfect job on pruning the tree which wasn’t easy given the strange way it was growing and removed a tree stump carefully without causing any damage to the NBN cables. Highly recommend."

Never had a problem

Michael - Broom Real Estate

"These guys are true professionals. Turn up on time, do the job as agreed and leave without a spec of dust left behind. I have used them many times and never had a problem. Highly recommend."

Your Questions, Answered

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a method of tree stump removal that involves using specialised machinery to grind the stump into small wood chips and mulch. This process effectively eliminates the visible portion of the stump.

Why should I choose stump grinding over other methods?

Stump grinding is less invasive and more environmentally friendly than other methods like stump removal, which can involve excavation and leave a large hole in your yard.

Is stump grinding suitable for all types of trees?

Stump grinding is suitable for most tree species. Our experts will assess your specific situation to determine the best approach.

Are there any tree size limitations for stump grinding?

Our equipment can handle stumps of various sizes, from small to large. We can effectively grind stumps from both residential and commercial properties.

Will stump grinding damage my yard or landscaping?

Our experienced technicians take great care to minimise any potential damage to your yard or landscaping. We're committed to leaving your property in excellent condition.

How deep do you grind the stumps?

We typically grind stumps 8-12 inches below ground level to ensure they are well below the surface.

Will the stump grinding process leave a mess?

We take care to clean up thoroughly after the stump grinding process. You won't be left with a mess in your yard.

Is stump grinding noisy?

Stump grinding can be noisy, but it's a relatively quick process. We aim to complete the job efficiently to minimise disruption.

Do I need to be present during stump grinding?

You don't need to be present, but we recommend discussing access and specific preferences with our team in advance.

Are there any risks associated with stump grinding?

Stump grinding is generally safe when performed by professionals. Our team follows strict safety protocols to mitigate any potential risks.

Can I plant another tree in the same location after stump grinding?

Yes, once the stump is ground, you can plant another tree in the same location. We'll make sure the area is suitable for replanting.

Will you leave wood chips behind?

It's totally up to you. You can use the wood chips from your job as mulch in your garden, or we can remove them for you if you prefer.

Say Goodbye to Tree Stumps

If we can be of assistance with quotations or any after-hours emergency work, do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call today on 0407 860 223.