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Tree Reports and Assessments in Melbourne

Expert arborists with 33 years of experience

Understanding the health, safety, and impact of trees on your property is paramount, whether it's for council compliance, safeguarding your assets, or simply ensuring the well-being of your natural surroundings.

At Stumps and Trees, our tree reports and assessments service is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make informed decisions about your trees.

What We Can Help With

Council Compliance

Many clients require tree reports and assessments because their local council has requested them. This can be due to tree permit regulations or as part of building works approval. Our team is well-versed in council requirements and can assist you in meeting these obligations efficiently.

Health and Safety

It's essential to check on your trees to make sure they are thriving and not posing a threat to their surroundings. Our assessments identify potential issues and hazards and provide guidance for their maintenance or removal when necessary.

Specialised Reports

Our specialised reports delve into the arboricultural impact of trees on your property. This is essential when planning construction or development projects. We provide preservation recommendations to ensure the harmonious coexistence of nature and progress.

Arborists You Can Rely On

Our client base ranges from Body Corporate Offices, Builders and Landscape Architects to domestic and commercial property owners in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Providing exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship every time, we’ve earned plenty of happy client referrals.

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What Our Clients Say

So happy with the result


"Paul was great. Super friendly and helpful when he came to quote for my tree removal. Cheapest quote I received too. When it came to removing my tree and stump, they arrived on time and removed my huge tree quicker than I thought possible. So happy with the result - so much more space in my backyard and light through my windows! Thank you Stumps & Trees. Definitely recommend."

Amazing expertise


"The crew who came out to remove our dead wattle were wonderful. Very quick, organised, friendly and professional. Nothing in our garden or the neighbours was damaged and everything was cleaned up as they went. Added bonus... we really enjoyed watching them tackle the tree... amazing expertise! 100% recommend!"

Always a good job


"I am a property manager and I have been using stumps and trees for a while. Always happy with Paul’s services! Quick, reasonable price, always did a good job. Highly recommended!"

Highly recommend them

Kris and Rob

"We have had this company lopping and pruning our trees for a few years now. They have an arborist to advise on the best way to look after our trees. The crew are very professional and do a great job. They leave the property immaculate as they clean up after themselves. Highly recommend them."

Wonderful service


"Wonderful service. Considerate fellows who care about the trees and the customer. I have no hesitation in recommending this business. Professional from start to finish - all cleaned up before they left. Amazing and a big thank you."

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Your Questions, Answered

What is a tree report or assessment and why do you need one?

Tree reports and assessments involve evaluating arboricultural issues and providing informed advice to clients to help them make informed decisions about tree care, pruning, removal, and planning, ensuring their desired goals are achieved while complying with regulations.

When is a tree assessment required by the council in Melbourne?

Tree assessments are typically required by the council when seeking tree permits or as part of building works approval.

How does a tree assessment contribute to the health of my trees?

A tree assessment helps identify issues early, enabling proactive care and maintenance to promote tree health and longevity.

Can a tree assessment help prevent tree-related accidents on my property?

Yes, tree assessments identify potential safety hazards, enabling you to mitigate risks and protect your property and the public.

How can tree preservation recommendations benefit my property?

Tree preservation recommendations ensure that trees can coexist harmoniously with development, protecting their health and your project's success.

Can you advise on pruning or removal of trees with potential issues?

Yes, our qualified arborists can recommend appropriate actions for pruning or removing trees with potential issues to ensure safety and tree health.

Do you assist in ensuring compliance with legal and environmental regulations?

Yes, we liaise with councils to ensure that all legal and environmental regulations are met when pruning or removing trees.

What information should I provide for a tree assessment?

Providing details about your property, tree species, concerns, and council requirements will help us conduct a thorough assessment.

Do I need to be present during the tree assessment process?

You don't need to be present, but your input can be valuable. Our experts can discuss access and specific preferences with you.

How long does it take to prepare a tree report or assessment?

The time required to prepare a tree report or assessment varies based on the complexity and scope, but we aim to deliver them promptly.

What qualifications do your tree assessors have?

Our tree assessors are certified arborists with extensive experience in tree care and assessments.

Do you handle the submission of tree reports to the appropriate councils or agencies?

Yes, we take care of the submission process, ensuring the tree reports reach the appropriate councils or agencies.

Can you provide emergency tree assessments in Melbourne?

Yes, we can provide expedited assessments in urgent situations to address safety concerns promptly.

Receive Expert Advice on Your Trees

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